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Edward Cullen Jacket Buy

There's nothing niche, however, about the next iconic role he's about to step into: the cape and cowl of the titular character in Matt Reeves' The Batman. Though both the Dark Knight and Edward Cullen are equally mysterious and brooding, the Batsuit is a far cry from the chino pants and ruffled jackets of Bella Swan's beau. Here are ten things you never noticed about Edward Cullen's costume.

edward cullen jacket buy

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Taking this on board, Twilight costume designer Wendy Chuck sourced Edward's wardrobe from Loehmann's, Nordstrom Rack and local Portland retailers. For special occasions, however, Edward did splash out a little: "The only high-end item was Edward's Gucci jacket for the prom," she says.

The mesmerizing jacket comes in premium quality wool and has an additional viscose lining on the inside for immense pleasure and comfort. The double-breasted buttoned closure, lapel collar, full-length sleeves with belted straps cuffs and shoulder epaulets, all make this a masterpiece for this generation. The Robert Pattinson Twilight Edward Cullen Pea Coat has a practical aspect too with a pocket on each side to give you enough space for your essentials!

The Edward Cullen Twilight Jacket is made from wool fabric. It is available in grey which gives it a very subtle appearance. The Robert Pattinson Twilight Grey Peacoat has a double breasted buttoned closure with soft viscose lining. The jacket has a lapel style collar. The sleeves of The Robert Pattinson Twilight Jacket are long and fitting with open hem cuffs with belted straps. The jacket has two side waist pockets. The fine quality stitching further enhances its beauty.

The Twilight Edward Cullen Peacoat is made from wool. The coat is ash grey in color and is perfect for a night out with friends and at parties. The lapel style collar and double breasted buttoned closure gives the Robert Pattison Twilight Jacket a sophisticated and stylish look. The inner of the jacket consists of soft viscose lining. The Edward Cullen Peacoat has long fitting sleeves with belt strapped open hem cuffs and shoulder straps. To keep stuff the Edward Cullen Jacket has two side waist pockets with adjustable waist. The jacket perfect for formal wear. The fine quality stitching makes it durable and desirable. The Twilight Edward Cullen Peacoat is ideal for fans and anyone who wants to look stylish. 041b061a72


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