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A panel discussion on how U.S. foreign policy and the presidency have been shaped by the development, use, and spread of nuclear weapons focused on foreign policy decision-making during the Roosevelt and Truman administrations and the race to build the bomb. The panelists also responded to questions submitted by members of the audience.

1 Bomb Party Cheats

In a previous document entitled Afro-American Manifesto, we have stated our general estimate of the situation facing the Afro-American. This historic document has had a wide distribution and a fine reception in many quarters. Now it is time to take the next step, to issue a general Program of Action and a Platform for an independent political party of the Afro-American people. AFRO-AMERICAN PROGRAM I. PURPOSE AND BASIC STRATEGY

You may recall the case of Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb, who was exposed a few years ago as having conducted a very lucrative private business in trading nuclear materials right across the world, selling this information to countries like Libya and many others. And he was eventually and for a long time placed under the house arrest by the Pakistani authorities. This is the most notorious example, but there certainly have been many others. Therefore, what good is it if states tighten up the rules on nuclear export controls, if this private sector is left largely unregulated?

Because at the moment the existing agreement between the US and Russia, which is START-1, which dates from 1991, is due to expire on the 5th of December this year. And we don't quite want to be in a situation where there is no ongoing agreement regulating the activities of these two very important countries. And the United States has proposed new ceilings, which would limit the number of warheads from 1500 to 1675 and the number of delivery vehicles (delivery vehicles being a technical jargon for missiles and bombers) from 500 to 1100.

Congress reconvenes today. On the docket: a defense bill with controversial spending on the ''star wars'' missile-defense system and the B-2 bomber; Clinton's veto of the Bosnian arms embargo bill; and taming the budget. A critical budget-balancing issue is Medicare spending. The GOP will likely divulge details of its plan to cut Medicare spending by $270 billion over 7 years. (Story, Page 1.)

The government is not doing enough to catch Social Security cheats, the congressional watchdog, GAO, says in a new report. The US is being scammed out of millions of dollars each year. One fraud source: middlemen who help non-English-speaking immigrants get benefits. The number of legal immigrants getting disability payments has increased sixfold in 10 years, while nonimmigrants have increased twofold.

The motor-voter law has reportedly driven 5 million Americans onto voter registration rolls in the eight months since it was enacted. The New York Times says most new registrants are avoiding party labels and saying they are independents.

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres voiced disappointment yesterday at what he said was Syrian President Hafez al-Assad's ''pessimistic tone'' on peace moves and his refusal to enter into high-level talks. Also, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin made a surprise visit yesterday to the West Bank town of Hebron, reportedly to examine security options. And the militant Palestinian group Hamas is losing popular support and will form a party to oppose Israel's existence politically, the group said Sunday.

France was expected to begin nuclear testing in the South Pacific yesterday. The French military seized a third protest vessel Sunday after it violated boundaries around the site. Nine legislators from five nations set sail for the site Sunday for protests. Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in a Paris market Sunday. Paris police say they dismantled another bomb yesterday.

Rebels exploded two bombs near two banks in Srinagar, India, yesterday, killing at least 10 people and injuring dozens. The Hizbul Mujahedeen, the most well-armed separatist group in India, claimed responsibility. The assassination of Punjabi leader Beant Singh in a bomb blast last week in Chandigarh will make it more difficult for India to bow to the demands of rebels holding four Western hostages in Kashmir, authorities said yesterday.

THE PRESIDENT. Well, Senator Fulbright sent a memorandum to the Secretary of Defense at the request of the Secretary of Defense and expressed his views about a matter which is of course of concern to the Department of Defense. The United States military, due to one of the wisest actions of our Constitutional Founders, have been kept out of politics, and they continue their responsibilities regardless of the changes of administration. I have no idea what the politics are of the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I've appointed two of them since I've been President, and I have no idea what their views of politics are. This is a most important protection for our country, and it's equally important protection for the military. It prevents them from being exploited or discriminated by political people in either party. So therefore the problem always is, is how can the military remain removed from political life and how can civilian control of the military be effectively maintained and at the same time the military have the right and the necessity to express their educated views on some of the great problems that face us around the world. So I think this is a continuing matter which the Secretary of Defense is giving attention to. There is no desire to restrain or prevent any military man from speaking. What we are concerned about, however, always is that they not be exploited for any partisan purpose.

[18.] Q. Mr. President, there has been a lot of talk recently about the developments of a neutron bomb. Can you give us your estimate of the feasibility of developing a weapon which would destroy human beings without destroying real estate values?

What debate? The Democratic Party embarrassed me as an American by their blaming everyone butthe president for the impeachment. They never addressed an issue of substance,but relied on the polls to determine guilt or innocence. Then they used thebombing of Iraq to try to delay the proceedings.

Iraq is America's biggest embarrassment. In my youth we ignored the mostpopulated country in the world, China. Now, we bomb a virtually defenselesspeople because we can. Virulent anthrax cultures can be made in any home inAmerica. Will we be safe the next time Little Bill strays from Hillary?

As for theRepublicans, I have never voted strict party lines, voting for theperson, rather than the party. No longer will that be true. I willnever vote for a Republican, regardless if he is considered a "saint," ever again. If anyone abused their power, it was the Republican party.They should be censured and turned out of office. A handful of partisanmen and women, most of whom do not represent me, overturned apresidential election and I think when I say "most of whom do notrepresent me" is what is bothering me the most.

This impeachment by the House was partisan to the extreme by theRepublican party; there can be absolutely no doubt about that. Mr.Clinton has been investigated ad infinitum with nothing more than a fewsordid encounters with a woman -- not a child as so many Republicans havecalled her -- to show for this investigation. In fact, the Linda Tripp,Lewinsky matter smells to high heaven. The fact that this caused aPresident to try not to hurt his wife and family, I feel, is the mainreason he tried to mislead us and I don't blame him at all. He ishuman. We elected a President, not a Pope. I think Mr. Livingstonshowed that elected officials are human and there are probably manypoliticians quaking in their boots for their indiscretions that might bemade public. Also, Mr. Livingston had spoken months ago of leaving theHouse because he didn't make enough money, so that leaves some room forspeculation that what he did on Saturday was simply "grandstanding," nota true mea culpa.

I am infuriated that this happened. The Republicans did not listen tothe people. They voted their "conscience." They voted party-linepolitics. And the representative from my state, North Carolina, who had the gall toget up on the floor and quote a little child, did, in my opinion,fantasize a little. She should be held accountable for such a fantasybeing put forth in the public record. Of course, she is a Republican.

However, they would all probably turn over in their graves if they were hereto witness how the House of Representatives in 1999 used a tool they had socarefully crafted to protect out great nation from having one party orperson become too powerful used in such a vindictive manner.

How can anyone conclude the whole system is working when the vote goesright down party lines? Generally the American public has a bad tastefor lawyers and the process with Clinton partially shows why. The claimis that we do what the public wishes; since when? Term limitations and areduction of the fat retirement benefits might help change ourgovernments attitude. 041b061a72


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