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In For A Penny [v0.37] [APK]

To answer the question you chose to ask, I do find Ms. Hale's public position on VA rights pretty incongruous with her acceptance of this role, and it seems like something doesn't add up there. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, though, I would speculate that she might've been unaware of Ms. Taylor's tribulations when she took the job, which in turn suggests that Platinum's offer to Hale was significantly higher than what they offered Taylor, avoiding any obvious red flags. Would make sense, since losing their longtime star VA due to penny-pinching would be a PR red alert, even in Kamiya's mercurial orbit, and the prudent thing to do to avoid hemorrhaging hype would be an emergency spend to bring in the biggest, best-reputation VA in the industry to protect their own (a strategy that seemed to be working until today).

In for a Penny [v0.37] [APK]



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